"The gathering daydreamers looked upon the land below, the sky above, and were compelled to see in it something more than what it appeared to be, together they saw - what once was, what could be, and what may never happen - and their dreams filled them and made them whole."

Honing their skills through mentorship with Cardiff based storyteller Cath Little, reflecting on their personal practice and working with friends and their familes, Kestrel has developed a unique toolkit for workshopping the craft of the storyteller and dreamer.

Kestrel has run workshops for adults and children exploring everything from the very basics of how to tell a story, to physicality and movement, tapping into the personal flow of language, developing the minds eye and daydreaming as a tool for finding inspiration for new stories.

They are available for large or small groups, whole or half day sessions, with a workshop tailored to fit the needs of the participants, their skills and their desired outcomes.

"I really enjoyed our Storytelling Workshop with the inspiring Kestrel Morton. They helped me free my creative imagination." Cath Little

"It was such a fantastic day - I learnt a lot and enjoyed it all so much. Especially enjoyed putting some work into the creative process, that's quite new for me." Beth Whelan