"I sailed the sea of dreams, wandered the web of worlds and witnessed the wild-words that named them all, fall from the lips of the spider who weaves there - I saw the words falling; become a tapestry rolling, a vision passing; before our eyes, sleeping, that we in our dream of waking, call - life."  

My passion for stories is rooted in childhood memories, sitting with the family round a campfires or in a tent, listening to the wind howl or rain fall, inventing endless tales together that would meander through the dark nights and fill them with imagination.

In the years since those memories were made, I have journeyed on a long and tangled path, a fools quest, a sorcerors initiation; questioning my identity, my reality, and my future in a world in ongoing crisis.

On that strange path I explored the crooked corners of my mind, living at the hidden edges of society; a transient life, in squats, abandoned warehouses, traveller sites and forests, amongst a beautiful-ragged cast of interesting characters and passing personalities, each with a song to sing or a yarn to spin.

It was here my childhood love of stories was rekindled, telling tales in tall treetops and deep caves, in the wastelands and wild edges, to light a candle in the darkness and to blur the lines between the real and the mythic so that the otherworld is seen as it overlaps with this one.

I became a Professional Storyteller to share my passion for the ancient art of Storytelling, to pass on the old tales and to tell new ones to fit the strange times we live in today.

I have a wide and ever growing repetiore of traditional stories, myths, folk and wonder tales for all occasions and ages, as well as an expanding mythology of my own creations that connect the threads of the past and bring them into the now.

I am also skilled at workshop facillitation, for all ages, with a particular passion for teaching the daydreaming art of creating new stories.